The 1823 Fund was launched on 15 August 2009.

It connects the Rafflesian community with their school and alma mater.

Through the Fund, our alumni, parents and friends play an important part in making it possible for future generations of Rafflesian students and staff to excel, serve, imagine and discover.

The 1823 Fund is part operating fund, part endowment fund. As an operating fund, it enables the school to address immediate areas of financial need not met or not fully met by government funding. As an endowment fund, it sustains the school's programmes and initiatives.

We urge you to continue RI's powerful tradition of giving. When you make a gift to RI, it has a lifelong impact. Each gift has the power to make a difference and provide our students and faculty with an environment that encourages leadership, community service, innovation and all-round excellence. RI deeply appreciates the support of our donors and the difference your gifts make.


Your gifts can help to support the school, from the academic to the sports field. We welcome and sincerely appreciate every single gift to enable our students to achieve and experience a strong and meaningful education. You may wish to support one or more areas in school.
At present these are the main priorities:

Our students come from all walks of life. RI is committed to support those who need financial help so that they may focus their minds and efforts on their education. We are very grateful to the alumni, parents and friends who give back to the school by funding scholarships and bursaries for academic, sports and other programmes.

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"Our idea is that we should take the lead in serving the community. So the idea of community outreach, being a positive force is central to our mission and vision of Hope of a Better Age." – Mrs Lim Lai Cheng, Principal, RI (2009 - 2013)

RI has a longstanding history of community service. Our alumni have devoted their lives to public service and administration. Today, students continue to initiate and engage in a wide range of service projects, partly funded by the 1823 Fund. Since 2009, RI students initiated or conducted 450 community service projects, 34 overseas projects and partnered 76 VWOs every year. In 2013, we launched the Raffles Community Initiative to ensure that every Rafflesian understands, appreciates and actively participates in community service as a student and beyond..

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"In recalling memories of Mr Tan and his impact on all of us, I realise that we are his living legacy. To the extent that he has succeeded in making us a little more demanding on ourselves, a little kinder with others. Thank you Mr Tan, for the example you set on how to be a good educator and a great person." – Mr Edward Ng, Deputy Principal of Stakeholder Engagement, RI

The Tan Kim Cheng Character Development Fund, which was launched on 10 October 2015, was set up to honour Captain Tan’s interest in character-building and his love for adventure. Please help us in ensuring his legacy lives on in RI. For more information about the award, please click here.

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To make a gift, simply download our Gift Form, fill it up and send it to us via post, with your cheque, to the following address:

1823 FUND

Gift Form

If you wish to make a gift of shares, artefacts or a bequest, kindly give us a call at 6419-9240 for a discussion, or email us at [email protected]


You know how important it is to give your child every opportunity available - opportunities your child’s schoolmates, even those who come from financially-challenged families, also deserve. Make a gift to help our children stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers.

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You understand the spirit of excellence that fuelled your schoolmates and you as Rafflesians. Rally your schoolmates, whether as a group or a Class, and make a gift to support your juniors who may need a little help to succeed.

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We are grateful to all our donors for your immense generosity. Named gifts serve to honour loved ones and friends as well as to support and inspire the Rafflesian community in a meaningful way.

We are grateful to all our donors for your immense generosity. Named gifts serve to honour loved ones and friends as well as to support and inspire the Rafflesian community in a meaningful way. As a tribute to two of his former Rafflesian schoolmates, Soh Eng Hwa and Chua Koon Meng, who were struck down by terminal illness, Teh Bong Lim (RI, 1971/73) set up a scholarship fund with $250,000, to help current RI students who are struck by adversity in life. It has already been used to help two Rafflesians who lost their fathers suddenly. Through the fund, Bong Lim also hopes that people will get to know his two friends who touched his life in different ways.

"The spirit of giving back is innate in every Rafflesian. Setting up this scholarship in Eng Hwa's and Koon Meng's names is a good way of carrying on that tradition of the school and keeping their memories alive for as long as we can. Hopefully the beneficiaries of the scholarships can carry on the Rafflesian traditions of pursuing excellence, as well as looking out for and caring for people who are less fortunate."

– Teh Bong Lim (RI, 1971/73)

Tan Teck Chwee (RI, 1933), former RI teacher, and chairman of the Public Service Commission and Jurong Shipyard, was one of the pioneering civil servants of post-Independence Singapore who helped to steer the country to greatness. Mr. Tan regularly donated to RI since its Bras Basah days, and after his passing, the Tan family continued to support RI, supporting the school's enriched programmes while also maintaining a special concern for underprivileged RI students. In 2010, the school approached the Tan family for permission to commemorate Mr and Mrs Tan by naming a lecture theatre in honour of Mr Tan.

"There is merit in reminding past and present students of RI that they must give back to society, be it in a small or big way, through public service or monetary support."

– Tan Soon Hoe (RI, 1978), Mr and Mrs Tan's youngest son


1. RI refers to Raffles Institution and includes its management, Board of Governors, staff and students.

2. There is a minimum donation amount of SGD$10.

3. All donations shall be in whole dollars.

4. All donations once made are non-refundable.

5. Donations to Raffles Institution are tax-deductible.

6. Donations will be used only for the purposes specified.

7. Personal Data, as defined by the Personal Data Protection Act 2012, shall be subject to RI’s Privacy Policy.

8. Donor’s personal data will only be used and disclosed for submission to the Inland Revenue of Singapore (IRAS) for tax-deduction, and any other donor-related activities.

9. Raffles Institution reserves the right to modify these Terms & Conditions at any time, as it deems fit.