Raffles Institution Archives and Museum

Raffles Institution has a history spanning almost two centuries, dating back to 1823, when it was founded by Sir Thomas Bingley Stamford Raffles, the founder of modern Singapore. As such, it has the most illustrious history among schools in Singapore. Thus, it is imperative that there be an avenue for such a rich history to be well documented and preserved for future generation of Rafflesians to come.

The Raffles Archives and Museum (RAM) was thus formed to document and showcase the rich 191 year collective history of Raffles Institution. The Archives and Museum hence serves as a custodian of the school’s rich history, tradition and unique culture. It contains school related artefacts of yesteryear, stories and anecdotes about the past, as well as a research materials and space for students to work on their research projects.

The Raffles Archives and Museum aims to connect Rafflesians of all batches to the school’s glorious past, linking the past and present, and in so doing create a sense of identity and historicity. The museum also hopes to evoke nostalgia among past students, and serve as a source of inspiration and pride among current and future students.

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New Artefacts

CY n Greddy

CY n Leaena T

CY n Mrs Sigamoney

CY n Mrs Sigamoney