Creating a Lasting Legacy for Captain Tan

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Almost a year into the passing of Mr Tan Kim Cheng, we reflect and reminisce the various ways that he has left a significant impact on his friends, peers, alumni and students. We hope alumni and friends will come together to help us raise funds for the Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development to ensure his legacy remains in the minds of many. 

Mr Seto Mun Chap on Mr Tan Kim Cheng

‘He was a wonderful man and a loyal friend. The Fund will go a long way in remembering his passions and encouraging students to pursue their interests,' Mr Seto reminisced after revealing how he treasured his friendship with Mr Tan hereTo find out more about the Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development, please scroll below.  

Kuek Jia Yao on Mr Tan Kim Cheng

'Any effort by alumni to preserve his memory serves not only to recognise his achievements and unsurpassed contributions, but more importantly, is a reflection of the standing in which he was, and still is held, by his young charges through the decades,' shared Kuek Jia Yao (RI'14). More on what he has to say of Mr Tan Kim Cheng after meeting the man in 2014 here. Please scroll below to find out more about the Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development. 


Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development

The Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development was conceived by a group of alumni as a way of honouring Mr Tan Kim Cheng, a beloved RI teacher who devoted more than 20 years of his life to the school, in the period between 1963 and 1987. A stern disciplinarian with a heart of gold, Mr Tan’s unwavering emphasis was on the character of the students in his charge.

Growing up during the war had fuelled Captain Tan’s deep interest in the military. When the war ended and school resumed, he was the first to sign up for the reformed Cadet Corps in his secondary school. Upon graduation, Captain Tan heeded the call to teach. Besides inspiring the younger generation with his academic knowledge and inclusive way of teaching, Captain Tan was famous for raising the standards of the Cadet Corps in each school that he taught in. After retiring, Captain Tan remained active and regularly went on trips around the world to feed his insatiable curiosity.

To honour his interest in character-building and his love for adventure, the Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development will preserve this focus by recognising the contributions of students who have risen through the ranks in their respective uniform groups, as well as enabling financially-needy students to take part in the International Service-Learning Elective (ISLE) under the Raffles Leadership Institute.

Your gift to the Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development will go a long way in honouring Captain Tan and all that he stood for, through the following initiatives:

Year 1-4: Recognising leaders in Uniformed Groups

Up to 2 students in each of the 6 uniformed groups in RI will be awarded the Tan Kim Cheng Award for Character Development. These students, who will be nominated by their respective teachers-in-charge, will have made outstanding contributions to their uniformed groups and have had a transformative effect upon the character of its members. Students receiving the award are highly encouraged to use the monetary sum of $1,000 to benefit their juniors in their respective uniformed groups.

Year 5-6: International Service-Learning Elective (ISLE)

Up to 5 students from financially-needy homes will be awarded the Tan Kim Cheng Award for Character Development under the ISLE programme. All students will be interviewed by the Raffles Leadership Institute before being chosen for this life-shaping programme. A year-long elective programme, ISLE exposes students to service learning outside the context of Singapore and emphasises the importance of developing relevant skills to be globally competent citizens who are confident and sensitive in their interactions with different cultures. The programme culminates with a two-week overseas experience where students live in and contribute to a regional community, leading to greater self-awareness and acceptance of diversity. The award of $1,000 will cover the cost of the overseas trip and purchases for the programme. 

Thank you for celebrating the life of Mr Tan Kim Cheng with us today and we look forward to remaining connected with you. For further enquiries on the Tan Kim Cheng Fund for Character Development, please email us at [email protected] / [email protected]. To give to the Tan Kim Cheng Character Development Fund, please download the form here





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